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Voter suppression through social media… ugh. The most popular account, @blackstagram__, had 303,663 followers, generated over 28 million total interactions, and targeted the black community. As of 2017, the account regularly received upwards of 10,000 likes on its posts How Instagram Became the Russian IRA’s Go-To Social – Paris Martineau, Wired

Gilets Jaunes

It’s quite difficult to understand what is happening in France, but it does seem to fueled by fake information on Facebook: Les gilets jaunes pollu├ęs par une myriade de fausses informations – France Inter (link in French) This movement is quite strange, for the reasons behind are not quite clear. It seems as if a […]

Digital Maginot Line

We are unprepared for the things to come. I’m curious why we haven’t seen more deepfakes lately… As governments become increasingly aware of the problem, they each pursue responses tailored to the tactics of the last specific battle that manifested in their own digital territory; in the United States, for example, we remain focused on […]