Monthly Archives: February 2016

Bot Overload

AI against AI… The competition was about as realistic as DARPA could make it. The tweets were messages harvested from the Twitter stream during a 2014 debate on vaccinations. In this debate, a number of bots had been created as part of a competition to see how they could influence the discussions. So DARPA had […]

Apple vs. FBI

Too bad Apple has to use Uber-like techniques to get the way of citizens… “It’s shameful that [the government is] exploiting the tragedy in San Bernardino to push [their] agenda,” said Evan Greer, campaign director at Fight for the Future, a non-profit organization founded in 2011 that has worked on issues such as Net Neutrality. […]


That doesn’t fit the bill… ‘Feel the Bern’? Maybe Not on Tinder – NYTimes

Terrorism on sale

Dare I make a parallel with Jehovah’s Witnesses waiting for me when I exit the BART station at Powell ? Google is deploying a new weapon against potential ISIS recruits: Ads –