Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence

Interesting report here. Soon we’ll transfer to Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are growing at an unprecedented rate. These technologies have many widely beneficial applications, ranging from machine translation to medical image analysis. Countless more such applications are being developed and can be expected over the long term. Less attention has historically […]

Doctor Muller

Russian interference is being established. We’ll see where this goes. Interesting thread… on social media! I’m reading the Mueller indictments in the original PDF-legalease format. All the way through, because I’m not a Republican member of Congress and think this is actually important. — Baratunde (@baratunde) February 16, 2018


The great promise of the internet was that it would allow anyone to get access to information. This was seen as a great progress for humanity. Until we realized that not all information is born equal. Information can be useful, it can be fake, and even can be both at the same time. Reality used […]