Monthly Archives: July 2014

The rise of data and the death of politics

One can wear a dozen powerful sensors, own a smart mattress and even do a close daily reading of one’s poop – as some self-tracking aficionados are wont to do – but those injustices would still be nowhere to be seen, for they are not the kind of stuff that can be measured with a […]

Facebook is world’s most powerful news reader

Facebook is no longer a social network. It’s the world’s most powerful news reader And, who are we kidding, it’s hard to go on a date without doing a quick Facebook check beforehand. But that would bring me to the site once or twice a week at most. The thing that brings me back with […]

Is laziness the root of Big Data surveillance ?

Big Data hopes to liberate us from the work of self-construction—and justify mass surveillance in the process. No Life Stories – The New Inquiry