Voter suppression through social media… ugh. The most popular account, @blackstagram__, had 303,663 followers, generated over 28 million total interactions, and targeted the black community. As of 2017, the account regularly received upwards of 10,000 likes on its posts How Instagram Became the Russian IRA’s Go-To Social – Paris Martineau, Wired

Gilets Jaunes

It’s quite difficult to understand what is happening in France, but it does seem to fueled by fake information on Facebook: Les gilets jaunes pollués par une myriade de fausses informations – France Inter (link in French) This movement is quite strange, for the reasons behind are not quite clear. It seems as if a […]

Digital Maginot Line

We are unprepared for the things to come. I’m curious why we haven’t seen more deepfakes lately… As governments become increasingly aware of the problem, they each pursue responses tailored to the tactics of the last specific battle that manifested in their own digital territory; in the United States, for example, we remain focused on […]

The End of Trust

Interesting read for the holiday season: “The End of Trust”, a special issue of McSweeneys. You can read the whole thing here, and can buy a hard copy there. occasionally principles are more valuable than people – Jenny Holzer

Sorry for Soros

What can go wrong when the COO of you company is cornered and desperately tries to fight back? If the ship is in collision course and you can’t blame it on Zuckerberg, Sandberg, blame it on the Iceberg. Facebook employed a Republican opposition-research firm to discredit activist protesters, in part by linking them to the […]

The art of the motor

A very interesting take on how media allows you to spin things and should always be questioned Before alteration or doctoring, photographs and videos impose many unseen prejudices, even before computational manipulation enters the picture. Filming strips acts from their broader context. The qualities of an optical instrument and the film or sensor used to […]

The Apple falls on your head and wake you up

First call to action from a Silicon Valley firm. This is surveillance. And these stockpiles of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect them,” he said. “This should make us very uncomfortable. It should unsettle us. Tim Cook calls for US federal privacy law to tackle ‘weaponized’ personal data – The Guardian […]

An ethical checklist for data scientists

University of Chicago released a few years ago a checklist for data scientists. Some points seem oddly relevant nowadays: Were the systems and processes used to collect the data biased against any groups? Surveys are a common venue for introducing bias. For example, a question about gender that is limited to male or female responses […]

Kava No

The information warfare is getting weirder and weirder But there’s another aspect to this that is critical: In terms of information architecture, Gamergate was a signal event—a rally-point for the charlatans and hucksters who would become leaders because they could put words to a previously poorly defined sentiment that was more widespread than anyone wanted […]

Computational propaganda

Here’s a great resource: Computational propaganda